Escort Ride – January 7, 2016

Greetings to one and all. This ride is coming together and as of now we have 3 meeting points for chapters heading in from 4 different directions. The meeting points and times are as follows:

1. Inverness McDonalds parking lot KSU @ 0745
2. 1930 Cordero Ct The Villages KSU@0930
3. Florida National Cemetery (we should arrive at about 1030 – Veteran’s name is Sgt. Arliss C. Powell so you know what line to get into)

I was informed by Phillip Riggins (Vets son-in-law) of some road construction that might affect those coming down on highway 301, instead of turning left onto highway 446, head on down to CR 472 east to Buena Vista Blvd. north to east El Camino Real (first traffic circle north of CR 466) then east to the villages of Santa Domingo the second residential gate, enter to the visitors lane on the left, the gate guard will wave you through, they will be informed of your coming; south on Cazaras Ave to Cordero Ct. is the third street on your left; turn left to the second block corner house southwest corner 1930 Cordero Ct. Use Garmin if you have it……..

Bob Bruno
Vice President
Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 7

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